Anthony Malakian, Editor-in-chief

WatersTechnology is the financial services industry’s premier provider of technology and data-related information.

For over four decades, WatersTechnology has ensured readers stay abreast of the latest trends, breaking news, and making sure they are informed about what’s coming down the pike.

We focus on delivering deep-dive investigative pieces (stories that take months to develop), and we regularly break news that affect tech and data professionals. No outlet covers the market and reference data spaces as closely as WatersTechnology—by regularly breaking news about the data and platform providers, and by explaining how banks, asset managers and exchanges are improving their processes and systems, while responding to regulatory changes.

Our readers make better, more informed decisions—whether by having more knowledge about tech providers, or by offering insight into innovation discovery and thought leadership—thanks to the information we provide.

Our insight gives you the advantage

We know insight gives you the advantage – that’s why we deliver exclusive content on the business issues that matter to you.

Our team of analysts, journalists and producers helps you connect the dots in the global financial technology industry to understand the inter-relationships between data, technology, regulatory changes, and innovation.

We are focused on helping you achieve the best results – either to generate new business opportunities or track emerging best practice – with our unique intelligence.

Integrity, Impact, Vision, Resilience

Nothing is more important than our integrity. Impartial and trustworthy content is at the heart of who we are.

We are here to create an impact and to add value externally for our customers and internally for our teams.

We have a vision of where our markets are heading. Our role is to think big, identify and explain shifts in our markets. We deal in trendlines rather than headlines.

We are resilient. Our customers rely on us, so we have to be here for the long term, anticipating and adapting to new dynamics in our markets and our own industry.

Authoritative, Collaborative, Thought-provoking

We provide an authoratative account of market trends, using an analytical approach based on multiple perspectives to bring clarity and insight to complex topics.

Our collaborative approach brings people and solutions together from across our markets to drive innovation and address industry challenges.

We deliver thought-provoking content, we break new ground and explore new territories, uncovering the potential for disruption and enabling change through valuable, actionable insights.

What do we cover?

We have an editorial team of 10 based in London, New York and Hong Kong.

The team cover all data and technology issues affecting the capital markets and focus on the below areas.

What do we cover

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