Who we are

We empower our customers with vital information so that they can make more informed decisions.

Katie Palisoul, Gloabl Brand Manager

In detail…

Technology and data have been on a journey, from creating new markets and industries, to transforming almost everything we interact with.

At WatersTechnology, our aim is to document this evolution in the capital markets. We get granular into the world of market data and document the regulatory changes facing the reference data space. As firms have increased their use of cloud, machine learning and big data analytics platforms, WatersTechnology has detailed specific efforts at banks, asset managers, vendors, exchanges and regulators. And as the capital markets experiment with emerging technologies like blockchain or quantum computing, we’ve been right there alongside.

As a group, we deliver our vital, in-depth, and unique content to you online, in print, and face-to-face. We believe that technology is the seed of a successful organization and the data is the water and nutrients it needs to grow.

Our online and print content has exclusive information that cannot be found anywhere else. Our global editorial team— with reporters in London, New York and Hong Kong—have unique access to leading technologists from across the industry. They provide insights that will, not only educate you of what is going on in the market but, help you and your teams make more informed decisions.

These in-depth insights are brought to the market live four times a year, spread across North America, Europe and Asia. We use our deep-seated market connections to provide these events as an extension of, not only our content, but everything we stand for. Therefore, we aim to create an environment which supports effortless networking through innovative gatherings.

We hold these values true in all elements of our work and brand. Our promise to our consumers, and industry alike, is to continuingly develop our innovation techniques and content to make you better at what you do.