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I joined WatersTechnology 10 years ago. When I started, the idea of using, say, a public cloud provider was anathema. Today, not only have banks and asset managers embraced public cloud providers either directly or through their vendor partners, many are deploying a multi-cloud model. This is all to say that in the world of tech, a trend becomes a fact of life fairly quickly.

The embrace of cloud technology by the capital markets has led to firms wanting more data. That desire gave birth to this alternative data thirst that we’re seeing today. That trend was only made possible thanks to advancements in processing power and tools like AI – from machine learning to natural language processing to robotic process automation – to help extract value from information.

And looking to the horizon, blockchain, quantum computing, deep learning, 5G networks, the internet of things, homomorphic encryption and things we don’t even know about today will have a profound effect on the capital markets. We here at WatersTechnology pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest trends, breaking news, and making sure readers are informed about what’s coming down the pike. We’ve been doing this for more than 25 years. And when everyone is talking wildly about, say, how revolutionary blockchain already is, we are talking to the actual technologists inside banks, asset managers, vendors, exchanges and regulators to get a true accounting of its adoption – or lack thereof.

We believe that our users are able to make better, more informed decisions thanks to the information we provide.


Our insight gives you the advantage

We know insight gives you the advantage – that’s why we deliver exclusive content on the business issues that matter to you.

Our global team of analysts, journalists and producers helps you connect the dots in the global finance and insurance markets to understand the inter-relationships between risk management, risk transfer, policy, technology and innovation.

We are focused on helping you achieve the best results – either to generate new business opportunities or track emerging best practice – with our unique intelligence.


Integrity, Impact, Vision, Resilience

Nothing is more important than our integrity. Impartial and trustworthy content is at the heart of who we are.

We are here to create an impact and to add value externally for our customers and internally for our teams.

We have a vision of where our markets are heading. Our role is to think big, identify and explain shifts in our markets. We deal in trendlines rather than headlines.

We are resilient. Our customers rely on us, so we have to be here for the long term, anticipating and adapting to new dynamics in our markets and our own industry.


Authoritative, Collaborative, Thought-provoking

We provide an authoratative account of market trends, using an analytical approach based on multiple perspectives to bring clarity and insight to complex topics.

Our collaborative approach brings people and solutions together from across our markets to drive innovation and address industry challenges.

We deliver thought-provoking content, we break new ground and explore new territories, uncovering the potential for disruption and enabling change through valuable, actionable insights.

“The content is spot-on. You have the depth I need to learn about what is happening in the industry.”
Market Data VP, Morgan Stanley

“Editorial quality is extremely high. The team takes a subject and gives an all-round view on it. Nothing similar out there.”
Managing Director, Synechron

“Timely coverage of issues and incisive views. Very good articles (timely and in sufficient depth) on AI, algos etc.”
Regulator Markets, FCA

What do we cover?

We have an editorial team of 10 based in London, New York and Hong Kong.

The team cover all data and technology issues affecting the capital markets and focus on the below areas:

The team cover all aspects affecting those dealing with market and reference data.

They report on data fees, data reporting, the solutions offered by data vendors and the impact on financial exchanges and traditional data suppliers.

They speak to a range of professionals from market data analysts to Chief Data Officers to get a 360 degree view on the industry.

View Market Data articles | View Reference Data articles

The team report on all regulation affecting our readers. They produce topical, in-depth news and analysis on the content and implications of regulation, including MiFID II, FRTB, KYC and more.

They speak to those in charge of compliance at a range of firms to discuss solutions.

View Regulation articles

The team write about progressive technology available for the capital market industry.

They look in-depth at how buy side firms are implementing new technology into their infrastructure, reporting on artificial intelligence, blockchain, cognitive technology, RegTech, the Cloud and how firms are managing the move away from legacy technology.

They explore both the buy-side and sell-side view on industry technology issues.

View Technology articles

Take a look at what makes WatersTechnology unique

Our Editor-in-chief, Victor Anderson sits down with our WatersTechnology editors, James Rundle and Jamie Hyman to discuss what WatersTechnology is and how it benefits our subscribers.

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