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Inside Market Data Delivers breaking news, Q&A’s, special reports and analysis on how sell-side and buy-side firms are using data services. We cover strategic initiatives, details of new data products being developed by vendors, exchanges and brokers as well as analysis of industry issues.

Buy-Side Technology Gives analysis on the latest trends shaping the hedge fund and investment management industries with insight into the impacts of technical issues. Reporting on developments, regulation and strategies, content is suited for decision-makers who purchase, implement and develop financial technologies.

Inside Reference Data Provides a new level of insight understanding, identifying and managing reference datas. Covering strategies, data quality and regulation, content is targeted at anyone involved in reference data projects at investment banks, brokers, institutions, exchanges and data providers.

Sell-Side Technology Supplies daily news for sell-side financial trading markets and coverage of technology issues. Also cover issues facing best execution, market connectivity and infrastructure management within financial institutions.

“The content is spot-on. You have the depth I need to learn about what is happening in the industry.”
Market Data VP, Morgan Stanley

“Editorial quality is extremely high. The team takes a subject and gives an all-round view on it. Nothing similar out there.”
Managing Director, Synechron

“Timely coverage of issues and incisive views. Very good articles (timely and in sufficient depth) on AI, algos etc.”
Regulator Markets, FCA

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